Expanding Your UK Property Investments Doesn’t Have To Involve Risk

  • Creating or expanding your international property portfolio in the UK remains hugely attractive and profitable, particularly with the right advisory team backing you.
  • Personal Consulting with our expert team of advisors will provide you with invaluable insight and guidance on upcoming investment opportunities, whether that be commercial or residential.
  • Trusted Advisors, Carpe Diem London advises many private client members. Acting on their behalf throughout the whole investment process, providing assistance in navigating an often complex and time-consuming process.
Carpe Diem London & Leadenhall
Carpe Diem London St Pancreas Station
  • Securing the best financing options, along with tax advice, securing suitable insurance, appointing a trustworthy property management company and much, much more.
  • An invaluable practical advantage, for our private client members, we progress your acquisition on your behalf giving you peace of mind that everything is being handled to the highest standards and with nothing missed.
  • A Dedicated Advisory Board is available for our global private member clients. They provide expert advice and guidance on global opportunities.

Gillian Lewis

Founder & CEO

Gillian comes from a long-standing career within international wealth management which has spanned over 17 years. This has given her invaluable experience in building trusted, long-lasting relationships with high-profile families from around the globe.

Through spending the last decade focusing on the Middle Eastern Market, she realised that specific demographics remain under-served. Coupled with her ambition, this led her to found a Private Office operating out of London catering to the international market.

If you would like to discuss your current property portfolio or are interested in new opportunities, please schedule a call with Gillian and her team.


Feedback From Private Member Clients

“These Services Are Provided At A Very High Standard”

“I would never have thought of being a client of a Private Office if it wasn’t for Gillian. I was fortunate enough to meet Gillian before she founded Carpe Diem. Since then, she has handled all my property and account affairs with honesty and my best interests at heart. Being at Carpe Diem has allowed…
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“dealt with in a precise, efficient and professional manner”

“Working with Gillian and Carpe Diem Family Office has been a pleasure from start to finish. Everything has been dealt with in a precise, efficient and professional manner. What stood out for me most was the way in which Gillian had her client always at the forefront of her mind and no decision was made…
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“counted on to ‘go the extra mile’ for those who engage her” 

“Gillian Lewis unfailingly provides a professional and thorough all-around service for her clients, ensuring that no detail is missed and that transactions proceed swiftly and smoothly. She can be counted on to ‘go the extra mile’ for those who engage her services” 
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